Geneseo Vince and Windturbine

Who will fly this UAV?

The Unmanned Industry is spooling up with demand growing every day. Over a recent 10 day period, Vortex UAS provided operational testing and flight services to major companies in the industries of power distribution, wind turbine inspection, land survey for construction and precision agriculture.

The SkyEye Elite UAV I’m holding in the above picture was flown over a pair of Wind Turbines in Western Illinois for inspection testing. It was flown by a recent Vortex UAS Professional student and Vortex Certified Pilot Jason Swegar. Jason flew it expertly. It takes much more than spot on piloting skills to fly a 20+ pound aircraft worth $50k, it takes poise and confidence. With so much at stake, there’s little room for error.

Vortex UAS is training the current and future Professional UAV pilots who will help to guide the industry to a safe integration in the National Airspace. Vortex training utilizes a methodical and detailed approach to training that mirrors the structure of FAA approved and successful manned pilot training courses. We offer a 3-tiered series of courses that take the student from no experience to a skill and knowledge level required of a professional pilot, performing safe and legal services in the field. All three levels involve a classroom (theoretical) portion and practical (flight) portion.

Vortex will hold the next Professional Pilot Intro Course on Saturday, May 21, 2016. The Vortex UAS Intro Course is a beginner class designed for anyone interested in the fundamentals of piloting a drone. We discuss current career opportunities in the industry as well as what to expect as the industry matures. The course provides an in-depth overview of the quad-copter, from components to mechanics and flying characteristics of the quad-copter. Lastly, we discuss how to fly in a safe and legal manner. This ground school is designed to prepare the student pilot for the Intro hands-on flight training which is offered as the second half of the live, in-person training.

If you are interested in attending this course or know someone who is, please visit:

Until then… Let’s FLY!

Vince Donohue