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About Vortex UAS Part 107 and Pilot Training

Vortex UAS ground and flight training is the best the Unmanned Aviation industry has to offer. Drawing from the decades of experience of industry leaders, Vortex has created a series of courses that focus on the essential information and skills that provide a path to take the average Joe to Pro is a minimal amount of time. The two fundamental components of being a Professional UAS pilot are establishing both safe and legal operations. We’ve previously discussed that Part 107 provides a pathway for anyone to become an FAA Certified Remote Pilot by taking an Airman Knowledge Test. Vortex is providing the training that will quickly get you up to speed.

We will hold 2 courses for Part 107, one 4-hour course discussing the details of the rule and a 3-day course* that will prepare you for the knowledge test. Both Part 107 courses are ground school only. Flight training will be provided separately through our Pilot Training courses which will follow at the end of September. We specifically separated out the Part 107 courses for those who do not wish to or need to take flight training.There is no requirement for an individual earning their Remote Pilot Certificate to demonstrate any skill or proficiency in flying. However, we know that flight training is an essential element in remaining safe and legal.

Here are the course descriptions:

Vortex UAS Courses will prepare you for Part 107 Integration

The Federal Aviation Administration has created 14 CFR Part 107, the foundation for flying UAS in the National Airspace System for any purpose other than recreational or hobby use.  This new set of standards outlines pilot eligibility, the license required to operate UAS both legally and safely, and the minimum level of aeronautical knowledge required and responsibilities of the Remote Pilot in Command. For all UAS operators striving to provide services in this exciting new and growing industry, NOW is the time to take action!

Vortex UAS:   14 CFR Part 107; the Foundation for UAS Operations

Date: Sept. 17th, 8am – 12noon

Location: Atlantic Aviation, Chicago Executive Airport, Wheeling, IL

Registration: $97

Vortex UAS is providing a 4 hour, face to face classroom experience designed to help our students achieve the following learning outcomes at the completion of the training:

  1. List the eligibility requirements and application procedures necessary for the new Remote Pilot Certificate.
  2. Correctly list the altitude, airspeed, airspace, and weather limitations for UAS and their relationship to safe UAS operations.
  3. Describe the Visual Line of Sight requirements and the operational responsibilities of the Remote Pilot in Command, the Visual Observer, and the person manipulating the controls of the UAS.
  4. Select those procedures necessary before any UAS operation can proceed safely, and correctly reference the Part 107 subpart describing these regulations.
  5. Recognize when an emergency situation exists, and list those actions required to report an accident.
  6. Select from a list those Part 107 limitations for which the FAA will consider a waiver and describe the process for obtaining the waiver.

Discussion and hands on exercises will complement the lecture material.  A self-graded written exam will be given to reinforce key points and give students a chance to monitor their level of understanding.

Vortex UAS:   14 CFR Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test Prep Course*

Date: Sept. 23rd-25th

Location: Atlantic Aviation, Chicago Executive Airport, Wheeling, IL

Registration: $597

*this course includes the 4-hour “Part 107 Foundations of Operations”

Vortex UAS is ready to provide 3 days of face to face classroom instruction designed to help our students reach the following goals:

  1. A working knowledge of 14 CFR Part 107 including Certificated Remote Pilot application procedures and all UAS operating privileges and limitations.
  2. A complete overview of the National Airspace System as it applies to UAS operations and the special operating requirements and ATC clearances (if required) for each type of airspace.
  3. A working knowledge of aviation weather reports and forecasts and weather related factors affecting the safe operation of the UAS.
  4. A complete explanation of these additional areas of knowledge required to pass the FAA Knowledge Test for the Remote Pilot Certificate:
  • Loading and effects on Aircraft Performance
  • Airport Operations and Radio Communication Procedures
  • Aeronautical Decision Making and Emergency Procedures
  • Physiology including factors affecting vision, and fitness for flight
  • Maintenance and Inspection Procedures

For first time pilots, the FAA has specific knowledge requirements listed in the Certification Standards document FAA-S-ACS-10 attached below.   All the knowledge specified in this Airman Certification Standard will be studied in the Vortex course and sample exams questions will be practiced.  Classroom discussion and hands on exercises will complement the lecture material.

The FAA requires the final 60 multiple choice assessment to be given at a designated testing center for which there is a fee. The student may choose to take this assessment shortly after completing the Vortex training.

Registration for these classes will open early next week.

Until then, Let’s FLY!

Vince Donohue