WIA Screen Capture Video 1

Video series from the WIA Presentation now available

Last week I wrote a post “Who will Fly this UAV?” The clear answer is: a professional UAV pilot. But who are these professional pilots? Where will they come from? Unmanned Aviation is a completely new and revolutionary segment of the economy with new players flooding in every day. It’s like the next dot com boom… but real!

Training a professional pilot isn’t anything like  creating a professional looking and well functioning website. It seems that many newcomers in this industry think it’s as easy as that, just build a website with training videos and let the future pilots train themselves. “Hey, you can watch at your own pace!” It’s not that simple. Ground school classes can certainly be offered online but face to face flight training is an integral component of training a well-rounded, skilled and knowledgeable UAV pilot.

In March, I gave a presentation at the Women in Aviation conference called “Unmanned Aviation: A Viable Career Path for the Professional Pilot”. During this presentation I explain why there is a tremendous demand for UAV pilots, the possible sources of those pilots and how this is a huge opportunity for anyone with any kind of FAA Pilot’s license to tap into a overflowing revenue stream. I’m offering this video series for free.

If you’re interested in seeing the video series of my presentation, just email me and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

Until then… Let’s FLY!