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As sought-after trainers in this fast-growing industry, we always have access to the best drone pilot talent in the region, even in the country. People come from around the United States to train with Vince Donohue and his staff. Vince, a decorated Naval Officer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of the Midwest Drone Fest, is considered a pioneering leader in his field. He teaches and talks on all things UAS because he’s constantly working on UAS projects that keep him pushing the UAS envelope.  If you have a project that would benefit from hiring a drone pilot, consider Vortex USA.

The Rapid Evolution of Unmanned Systems

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry is evolving at a rapid pace. This growth is fueled by the dramatic increase in computing power along with the miniaturization of sensors, better methods of data transfer and storage, and the improvements in data link systems. Airborne missions that recently required bulky equipment and carried aboard manned aircraft are now being accomplished through the use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) in ways that are safer, cheaper and faster than their manned alternatives. Although Unmanned Aircraft will never fully replace manned aircraft, drones present numerous and significant benefits over manned aircraft which make their use more viable for many missions. Some of these advantages include:


  1. elimination of risk to an airborne crew
  2. reduction of risk for injury to persons on the ground
  3. reduction of risk for property damage
  4. reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions
  5. significant reduction in the cost of acquiring airborne data
  6. rapid deployment of the UAS in the immediate vicinity of operations
  7. elimination of transit time to the operating location
  8. reduction of maintenance costs


These are just a few of the most obvious benefits of using sUAS over manned aircraft. The clear advantages of sUAS guarantee their implementation both now and into the future. Numerous manufacturers are producing the aircraft and sensors to satisfy the growing demands. Hundreds of companies with dozens of use cases are looking to implement sUAS. All of these services require a professional sUAS pilot to perform the duties of the pilot-in-command of the operation.



Applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Chillon Castle overhead

Aerial videos are quickly becoming the standard for both creative use and promotional use. Arial forage greatly enhances the experience for the viewer with UAV footage is increasingly used in promotion of property from golf courses to Real Estate. Marketing with aerial videos is much more powerful than the still images that are common. Images from above give the viewer a greater perspective with a better understanding of the property. For marketing and promotion, drone footage is the wave of the future


Less waste… higher yield…

Unmanned systems gives you the ability to see your crops from a bird’s eye view, revealing whole sections of fields that may have remained unplanted, only to be discovered during harvest. Remote sensor technology gives you the tools to implement NDVI analysis to reveal crop health by comparing light wave frequencies invisible to the naked eye. Using Multi-Spectral imaging, a field can be analyzed using Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI), a calculated vegetative index which shows growers or crop consultants the variability in plant biomass density and plant health across the field. NDVI allows the grower to localize trouble spots and immediately trouble shoot poor plant health. The use of Unmanned Systems for Precision Agriculture is expected to have revolutionary impact on improving early detection of problems resulting in significantly improved harvest yield.

Harvest 1


Construction site

Construction site managers are finding unmanned aircraft to be invaluable tools in tracking their progress from day to day and week to week. 3-D models of sites can accurately archive the locations of cables and pipes before they’re buried.  While LiDAR has been the standard tool for 3D modeling, high quality imaging sensors are significantly more affordable. With software that can handle such sensors efficiently, 3D models can be built from images at a substantially reduced cost.


Periodic planned inspections are required to ensure flare stack operation is safe and operating within tight specifications. Until the recent development of high quality Unmanned Systems, visual inspections of flare stacks demanded the use of a manned helicopter or required maintenance personnel to physically climb the stack for direct inspection. Unmanned aircraft provide a platform for high definition imagers which allow for close-up visual inspection and documentation without risk to human life and the requisite suspension and safety gear.


The use of UAS makes this process safer, less costly and more efficient.

Flare Stack


Power lines

Every aspect of our society and economy relies on the free flow of energy. A breakdown in the electrical grid results in power outages with devastating effects, bringing whole cities and regions to a grinding halt. Frequent inspections of oil pipelines and electrical power lines can lead to early detection of potentially catastrophic events. The use of UAS not only reduces the heavy operating costs of manned flight departments, but also allows more flight time monitoring utility assets and mitigating risk by heading off mechanical breakdowns and human interference well in advance of an event.


Unmanned Aircraft are implemented in accident reconstruction, hostage crisis situations and numerous other law enforcement activities. Airborne assets provide several advantages from rapid deployment to expeditious search of a large area to tracking a subject through unforgiving terrain. Large police departments may afford a manned flight department at a high cost which  is far beyond the financial capabilities of smaller departments. Unmanned Systems cost a fraction of manned aircraft with operating costs considerably less per hour. UAVs get the job done better, cheaper and faster with very few exceptions. Law Enforcement entities may operate unmanned aircraft through a Certificate of Authorization (COA). Let Vortex UAS help you to apply for a COA and get your unmanned aircraft department of the ground.



Please click hear to read Vince Donohue’s paper on the “Evaluation of unmanned aerial system class and electro-optical sensor payload type for applications in hostage crisis missions – A Case Study”, as published in the International Journal of Unmanned UAVs & Payloads for Oil & Gas Industry Systems Engineering (IJUSEng).

Accident scene 1


Aeryon IR

Unmanned Aircraft are invaluable tools in emergent situations, particularly for Fire Fighters. Once at the scene, the scene commander orders the launch of the UAV and can immediately assess the situation with real time images from above the scene, providing him with a greatly enhanced situational awareness. In addition, UAVs can be loaded with an Infra Red camera, allowing the operator to notice hot spots on the walls and roof of the building and detect developing structural flaws not apparent to the naked eye.

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