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Q & A: Why Unmanned Aviation? Why Training? Why Now?

A few months back I put out an ad for Vortex in search of UAV pilots. I received numerous responses, many of which sounded something like this:
“I don’t have any training or experience but this sounds like fun. Where do I sign up?”
How does one respond to this? Perhaps I can respond with something like:
“Well, you’re going to need a lot of training and experience before I give you the controls of a $50,000 aircraft flying over a $100M power transfer station. But you’re in luck. Vortex not only provides flight services but we also provide UAV Pilot training. Why don’t you sign up for Vortex Pilot training and start working your way towards that goal?”
I wasn’t typically that direct in my responses, but I did suggest they sign up for training. Without fail they would simply disappear. I gather they wanted a high-paying job with a ton of responsibility without having to go through the hard work and cost to gain the skills and knowledge required of that job… because it sounded like “fun”.
I’m sorry, real life doesn’t work like that. While it’s true that flying UAVs for a living is pretty fun, it is also very demanding, particularly when things don’t go as planned. That’s when you have to fall back on your training and experience so that people don’t get hurt and equipment doesn’t get damaged.
I continue to shout from the mountain top that a six-figure income is quite possible for a well qualified UAV pilot. And the reason is based on the fundamental law of economics – supply and demand! I detail how that six-figure income is possible at the Women in Aviation Conference during an hour-long presentation I gave called “Unmanned Aviation – A Viable Career Path for the Professional Pilot”. I have that free video series available to anyone interested (just ask for the link).
The most compelling reason to get into this line of work is that the Unmanned Aircraft industry is projected to have an $82 billion impact on the US economy and add 100,000 new jobs in the next 10 years. Early Adopters, i.e. those who enter now, will gain the most. Just imagine buying Apple stock or Google stock when they first went public! Although no one can predict the success of any one stock, can you imagine that the Unmanned Aircraft Industry is NOT going to boom? Of course it will and in fact already is.
So let’s break this down and make it simple:

1. The Unmanned Aviation Industry is booming, and will continue to boom for the next decade and beyond.

2. The UAS Industry is already in desperate need of well-trained and qualified pilots

3. Vortex UAS provides training to fast track a student from no experience to a Professional level through the Vortex Pilot Certification process

4. Vortex is holding a UAV Pilot Training Intro class this Saturday, May 21st.

5. There is limited seating with only a few seats left. 

6. Early adopters will reap the biggest financial and professional rewards.

A week ago I was speaking to a family member who reluctantly admitted “I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar but I never seem to have the time.” To which I responded, “We make time for what we think is important.”
So, if becoming a Professional UAV pilot is important to you, if you want to leave the crowd behind, become an early adopter and take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then join us this Saturday. 

Don’t wait, register now.
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Until then… Let’s FLY!
Vince Donohue, MUSE