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Congrats to our First Vortex Certified Pilots!

This past Saturday, Vortex awarded the first two Vortex Pilot Certifications to Bob Bryan (pictured above) and Josh Jones. Bob is a instrument rated Private pilot attending Lewis University on track to complete his undergraduate degree this Spring. He plans to fly sUAS for additional income and experience while he continues his flight training in pursuit of a professional aviation career. Josh Jones is a professional pilot flying for a major package delivery company. He too plans to fly uUAS for additional income.

While not an FAA certification (none yet exists for UAS), Vortex Pilot Certification is the culmination of the Vortex Professional Pilot course. Pro students complete a rigorous course of study that includes Intro, Advanced and Pro ground schools, Intro and Advanced flight training, a knowledge test, a flight test and a mentoring program. The mentoring program requires that the Pro student demonstrates competence in a number of real-world operational situations. Bob and Josh completed their mentorship this past Saturday after satisfying the NOTAM filing requirement.

We at Vortex believe that the most responsible path forward in safely integrating sUAS into the National Airspace is through the development of an UAS Professional Pilot Career Path. One way to develop that is through a structured training program that mirrors the training required of career oriented manned pilots. Vortex UAS has built such a program and will continue to train the best UAS pilots in the industry.

So Congrats once again to the first Vortex Certified Pilots, Bob and Josh.

Let’s FLY!