Vortex UAS has established itself as a leader in Professional UAS Pilot Training and UAS Services. Under the guidance of pro pilots with decades of experience in both the manned and unmanned aviation, Vortex UAS has become synonymous with the highest level of quality available. Whether you’re looking to capture specific data, looking for in-house training for your own pilots or looking to enter the industry as a UAS Pilot, we’re here to provide what you need. When you want the best look to Vortex UAS.

Download these free guides for safe and legal UAS operations

Part 107 Operations
“The 10 things you need to know about Part 107”

Section 333 Operations
“10 Step Pilot’s Guide to Legal UAS Operations”



Vortex UAS is training the future UAS pilots through our Professional Pilot program. We also educate the public on the numerous uses and advancements of Unmanned Aircraft Systems technology and ease unfounded fears due to a lack of knowledge and experience with this technology.


Aerial operations using Unmanned Aircraft Systems are often Safer, Cheaper and Faster than manned aviation. making operations more efficient and more profitable. Vortex UAS advocates for the safe and timely implementation of Unmanned technology which has the potential of transforming our lives for the better.


Our goal is to facilitate the end user who is interested in implementing cutting edge unmanned technology. By working with the customer in defining their specific needs and expectations, we will find the precise system that best satisfies their needs which falls within an economic range.