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Leading research firm, Gartner Inc. recently released a report projecting that the global market revenue from commercial drones is expected to reach more than $6 billion in 2017 and to grow to more than $11.2 billion by 2020. That’s nearly double in three years with clear indications of continued exponential growth.

Many people will make a fortune in this industry and one of those people could be you!


It’s Not Too Late…


If you’re new to the commercial drone industry, it’s not too late. This industry is in its infancy not unlike how commercial aviation was just getting started hundred years ago just after the Wright brothers flew at kitty hawk. No, it’s not too late to get started, but you don’t want to wait too much longer. Because the sooner you get started, the better the chance you have to make your fortune in the commercial drone industry.

Listen to our President and long-time pilot and trainer Captain Vince Donohue explain these exciting times and what you need to do to become a part of it.

If you do ANYTHING commercially…


If you’re flying your drone for anything other than recreation or enjoyment purposes, even if you make no money from it, the FAA considers you a commercial operator. Capturing video for your commercial website? Scouting your crops? The FAA considers you a commercial operator.

THAT MEANS you operate under the rules of Federal Regulations Code 14 CFR Part 107. It contains the regulations on who can fly, how you can fly and what you can and can not do as a commercial drone operator.

AND YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE RULES! Of course you want to fly right, so you want to know the rules, and the FAA has a test to ensure that you do. Remember, it’s safety first in aviation, and there can be serious consequences if you don’t.

Let’s hear again from Vince. He’ll explain more about the differences of a hobbyist and a commercial operator and how that relates to FAA Part 107.

commercial or not

PART 107

  • Asks 60 Questions
  • Pulled from 1000’s of FAA Documents
  • In 12 Knowledge Areas

It’s a CHALLENGING test!

That’s not meant to scare you or sell you. Improper usage and unprepared drone operation can cause damage to your drone, other people’s property, injury and even death. So of course you need to be serious about your responsibilities as a commercial drone operator.

But it’s not just how to control the joystick to launch and land successfully. You need to know aviation weather, airspace, how to read aeronautical charts, aircraft loading and many other knowledge areas and be able to answer those 60 questions successfully to get your Remote Pilot Certification. Folks outside the aviation industry spend weeks and months studying, because you don’t want to “wing” it!

Let Vince tell you more about it.

Part 107 Test Prep



The best way to study for this very important test is with the online test prep course from the experts at Vortex UAS!

You have options:


Study on your own. There is a tremendous resource out there and you’re using it right now: The Internet. You can read through countless pages of information from FAA.GOV and many other sites built by corporations and individuals meant to help you. But that’s not very efficient.


Take a live course. Vortex offers live courses. If the schedule of classes fit with your own busy schedule, then do it! You get immediate access to a highly knowledgeable instructor so you can ask questions and get answers immediately. But it’s a more rigid commitment and after the class ends you need to rely on your notes and memory.


Take an online course. Vortex offers this too. This is the way of the future. The information you need, presented to you anytime, anywhere. No hunting for information. No worrying if you’ve found everything you need to know. And you can go back and review specific parts. All at your own convenience.


Vince goes in-depth on the options you have. Take a look:



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After all, that’s what you want, right?


Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Pilot for over 40 years
Plane owner for over 35 years
CFI in Airplanes
Commercial License in Airplanes and Helicopters
RC Pilot since his teens on fixed wing & helicopter
3-term president of local RC Club
1st Vortex Pro Class Vortex Certified Pilot
One of the first to earn his Remote Pilot Certificate
Award winning professional corporate instructor
Teaching science education and industrial technology for past 40 years

Vince Donohue

Vince Donohue

Villanova University 1988 Science Degree
Commissioned Officer in the US Navy
Flew the E-2C Hawkeye off USS Midway and USS Independence
CFI since 2004 – Visual and Instrument Multi-engine aircraft
Airline Pilot in 2005
Charter and Corporate
Currently Chief Pilot Chicago based flight department
RC Pilot over 25 years
Masters Degree in Unmanned Systems January 2016
Started Vortex in 2014

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